28 May

How To Succeed In The Lenasi Cloud Affiliate Program (+ Ad Copy Ideas)

Affiliate marketing in Kenya has been gaining momentum recently.

This can mainly be attributed to increased mobile and internet penetration to many parts of the country, and the growth of many eCommerce companies that have their own partner program.

In this short resource, we will show you how to increase your chances of success with our affiliate marketing program.


What is The Lenasi Cloud Hosting Affiliate Program?

We have been providing Web Hosting and Domain Name solutions in Kenya for a couple of years now. In these years of operation, we have seen a huge chunk of clients purchasing our services based on a referral from their friend, co-worker, or a person in their network.

As a way of appreciating these “referees”, we created the affiliate program to reward them with cash or web hosting credits (whichever they choose).

We were basically splitting our profits with clients who were continually helping us reach more businesses.

The affiliate program since then has evolved over the years to accommodate non-clients thus becoming a source of earning money online for many. It is what also gave birth to our larger Earning Programme.

In a nutshell, the Lenasi Affiliate Program is a scheme whereby you (the affiliate) refers potential clients (businesses/individuals) to purchase Web Hosting and Domain Names from us, and we, in turn, pay you a hefty 20% commission of the total sale generated by that client.

Explain Like I’m Five

When you register to be an affiliate, you will be issued with a unique affiliate link and affiliate banners in your dashboard that you can use to post on your social media timelines, send to friends or even embed it into your blog/website.

When a person clicks your affiliate link or banner, they are redirected to our website. When they make a purchase of say, our Mama Bear plan (Ksh 12,000), you immediately earn Ksh 2,400 (20% of 12,000)

With this in mind, the maths is really simple: refer 10 people – earn Ksh 24,000. Scaling your earnings from this point is just a matter of how much hard work you put in.

Also, immediately a person lands on our site, their cookies are stored for up to 90 days.

This means that the person you refer doesn’t necessarily need to make a purchase immediately. Any purchase made during the 3 months window period will still earn you the commission.

How sweet!


How To Succeed As An Affiliate

With the above in mind, let’s look at how you can make our program work for you and grow it to be a sustainable source of income.


1. Understand The Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Create Awareness: This is where the affiliate creates the content to build awareness about the product/service to promote 

Develop Interest: Adopt optimization strategies for increased visibility to pique the visitor’s interest 

Help make the Decision: The point of conversion where a visitor gets convinced and decides to purchase the product/service being sold.


2. Understand The Product/Gain Knowledge 

When promoting our cloud services, the best way to sell is to promote them with integrity. If your target audience doesn’t trust you, they will most likely not trust the product. So it’s important to have extensive product knowledge when pitching or talking about the product/service that you’re promoting. This will give you the winning edge against your competition, as you’ll have the knowledge of how your affiliate product/service benefits a potential customer. 

When it comes to product knowledge you’ll need to study the product, its features, benefits, and how it addresses the pain points of the audience. You can play your part in community forums and discussion groups by talking about how certain products (not just the products/services you’re promoting) are a better choice for certain customers.


3. Promoting in Niche-specific Groups 

Popular social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the best platforms to promote our cloud services as an affiliate. You can browse for groups that are closely related to the niche where your product lands at. These groups are one of the most effective ways to increase the product’s reach in terms of organic audience.

Channel your energy to the following niches: Business, Blogging, Web Design, Emails, Web Hosting, Developers, Online Businesses, etc. 


 4. Include Product Images in the Content 

The human brain works with images and that is why you should especially emphasize on graphical representation when it comes to working as an affiliate marketer.

Linking product images in your content is one of the best marketing practices and consumers are more attracted to a product or service after getting to see it. Additionally, social media platforms have higher reach and engaging rate for images. It can’t be emphasized enough that product images are the key factors when it comes to closing a deal.

You can get your banner images from your affiliate dashboard


5. Create Shortened Affiliate Links 

Lengthy affiliate links and URLs are less appealing to users, this is why cloaking affiliate URLs is a popular practice among affiliate marketers. All you need is a URL shortener tool that will make your affiliate links look more concise and attractive. The biggest upside of shortened URLs is that they are more likely to get shared. 

Short URLs are more manageable on social media platforms and also have a high click-through rate.

Bit.ly, Goo.gl, Owl.ly, are some of the most popular URL shorteners used by affiliate marketers.


6. Promote Affiliate Links Indirectly 

People do not like being sold to. Tweeting your affiliate link and just telling your audience to buy from a particular source would not be a good idea. You need to tell them why the product or service you are promoting will be relevant to them. Write a useful post or article about the product’s feature or compare it with other products to give your audience a perspective. Your audience will be more likely to trust you if you are giving them a balanced point of view.


7. Focus on Reputation When Advertising

When it comes to making a sale, it’s important to understand a few traits when it comes to affiliate marketing success. 

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, promoter, or an influencer, your reputation is everything. You don’t want to sound like a sales-person who’s promoting certain products/services just for the sake of earning money.


8. Write a Detailed Lenasi Cloud Review 

Writing your own Lenasi review is one of the best ways that you can promote Lenasi. It not only helps you rank in Google, but it also gives you something that you can link to when you recommend Lenasi Cloud in other content on your site. 

As for writing the review itself, you’ll want to focus your review on the features that your visitors find to be the most important. For example, if you have an audience who live and breathe performance, you’ll likely want to focus on Lenasi’s server architecture and hands-on performance tests. On the other hand, if you have a casual audience of users who are launching their first websites, you’ll probably want to focus on how easy Lenasi makes it to install WordPress and other CMS and get up and running.


9. Highlight Lenasi’s Real-Life Reviews 

When you’re promoting an offer, reviews and testimonials are one of the best strategies to convert potential customers. Your own Lenasi review is one data point, but showing other happy customers will add more weight to your recommendations. 

You can check some of our reviews from our TrustPilot page


10. Add a Lenasi Banner to Your Blog Sidebar 

If your site has a sidebar area, another easy way to promote your affiliate link is to add a banner to your sidebar. In the Lenasi affiliate dashboard, you’ll find a number of pre-made banners in different sizes together with their HTML Codes that you can easily implement on your site.


11. Add Lenasi “Powered By” Links and Badges to Your Footer

One of the simplest ways to drive traffic to Lenasi is to include a “Powered by Lenasi” link or badge in the footer of your site. While it’s in a relatively unobtrusive position, you’d be surprised by the number of people who will click through these links. 

Your regular readers return to your site because they respect your opinions and knowledge, so seeing that your own sites are powered by Lenasi will naturally attract their attention.


12. Go Multichannel

After mastery of one channel, you should consider diversifying your efforts into different platforms like Sending Emails, Twitter, Facebook, Groups, Linkedin, Business Associates, etc.

This will ensure you reach your audience in whatever social media platform they use.



Slapping your banner and affiliate link alone on social media won’t do it! You need to give your audience a reason to click through that link.

You need a persuasive ad copy alongside each post or image you share on Facebook or Twitter. For this reason, we decided to combine a helpful list of ad copy you can use.

The advantage of this is that it will save you time by either copy-pasting directly, or you can simply mix the ad copy together.

Just be keen to ensure that whatever sentences you mix actually make sense to your audience.

Note: When posting, replace “your link” with your unique affiliate link.

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Happy earnings!

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