28 May 2020

How To Succeed In The Lenasi Cloud Affiliate Program (+ Ad Copy Ideas)

Affiliate marketing in Kenya has been gaining momentum recently.

This can mainly be attributed to increased mobile and internet penetration to many parts of the country, and the growth of many eCommerce companies that have their own partner program.

In this short resource, we will show you how to increase your chances of success with our affiliate marketing program.


What is The Lenasi Cloud Hosting Affiliate Program?

We have been providing Web Hosting and Domain Name solutions in Kenya for a couple of years now. In these years of operation, we have seen a huge chunk of clients purchasing our services based on a referral from their friend, co-worker, or a person in their network.

As a way of appreciating these “referees”, we created the affiliate program to reward them with cash or web hosting credits (whichever they choose).

We were basically splitting our profits with clients who were continually helping us reach more businesses.

The affiliate program since then has evolved over the years to accommodate non-clients thus becoming a source of earning money online for many. It is what also gave birth to our larger Earning Programme.

In a nutshell, the Lenasi Affiliate Program is a scheme whereby you (the affiliate) refers potential clients (businesses/individuals) to purchase Web Hosting and Domain Names from us, and we, in turn, pay you a hefty 20% commission of the total sale generated by that client.

Explain Like I’m Five

When you register to be an affiliate, you will be issued with a unique affiliate link and affiliate banners in your dashboard that you can use to post on your social media timelines, send to friends or even embed it into your blog/website.

When a person clicks your affiliate link or banner, they are redirected to our website. When they make a purchase of say, our Mama Bear plan (Ksh 12,000), you immediately earn Ksh 2,400 (20% of 12,000)

With this in mind, the maths is really simple: refer 10 people – earn Ksh 24,000. Scaling your earnings from this point is just a matter of how much hard work you put in.

Also, immediately a person lands on our site, their cookies are stored for up to 90 days.

This means that the person you refer doesn’t necessarily need to make a purchase immediately. Any purchase made during the 3 months window period will still earn you the commission.

How sweet!


How To Succeed As An Affiliate

With the above in mind, let’s look at how you can make our program work for you and grow it to be a sustainable source of income.


1. Understand The Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Create Awareness: This is where the affiliate creates the content to build awareness about the product/service to promote 

Develop Interest: Adopt optimization strategies for increased visibility to pique the visitor’s interest 

Help make the Decision: The point of conversion where a visitor gets convinced and decides to purchase the product/service being sold.


2. Understand The Product/Gain Knowledge 

When promoting our cloud services, the best way to sell is to promote them with integrity. If your target audience doesn’t trust you, they will most likely not trust the product. So it’s important to have extensive product knowledge when pitching or talking about the product/service that you’re promoting. This will give you the winning edge against your competition, as you’ll have the knowledge of how your affiliate product/service benefits a potential customer. 

When it comes to product knowledge you’ll need to study the product, its features, benefits, and how it addresses the pain points of the audience. You can play your part in community forums and discussion groups by talking about how certain products (not just the products/services you’re promoting) are a better choice for certain customers.


3. Promoting in Niche-specific Groups 

Popular social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the best platforms to promote our cloud services as an affiliate. You can browse for groups that are closely related to the niche where your product lands at. These groups are one of the most effective ways to increase the product’s reach in terms of organic audience.

Channel your energy to the following niches: Business, Blogging, Web Design, Emails, Web Hosting, Developers, Online Businesses, etc. 


 4. Include Product Images in the Content 

The human brain works with images and that is why you should especially emphasize on graphical representation when it comes to working as an affiliate marketer.

Linking product images in your content is one of the best marketing practices and consumers are more attracted to a product or service after getting to see it. Additionally, social media platforms have higher reach and engaging rate for images. It can’t be emphasized enough that product images are the key factors when it comes to closing a deal.

You can get your banner images from your affiliate dashboard


5. Create Shortened Affiliate Links 

Lengthy affiliate links and URLs are less appealing to users, this is why cloaking affiliate URLs is a popular practice among affiliate marketers. All you need is a URL shortener tool that will make your affiliate links look more concise and attractive. The biggest upside of shortened URLs is that they are more likely to get shared. 

Short URLs are more manageable on social media platforms and also have a high click-through rate.

Bit.ly, Goo.gl, Owl.ly, are some of the most popular URL shorteners used by affiliate marketers.


6. Promote Affiliate Links Indirectly 

People do not like being sold to. Tweeting your affiliate link and just telling your audience to buy from a particular source would not be a good idea. You need to tell them why the product or service you are promoting will be relevant to them. Write a useful post or article about the product’s feature or compare it with other products to give your audience a perspective. Your audience will be more likely to trust you if you are giving them a balanced point of view.


7. Focus on Reputation When Advertising

When it comes to making a sale, it’s important to understand a few traits when it comes to affiliate marketing success. 

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, promoter, or an influencer, your reputation is everything. You don’t want to sound like a sales-person who’s promoting certain products/services just for the sake of earning money.


8. Write a Detailed Lenasi Cloud Review 

Writing your own Lenasi review is one of the best ways that you can promote Lenasi. It not only helps you rank in Google, but it also gives you something that you can link to when you recommend Lenasi Cloud in other content on your site. 

As for writing the review itself, you’ll want to focus your review on the features that your visitors find to be the most important. For example, if you have an audience who live and breathe performance, you’ll likely want to focus on Lenasi’s server architecture and hands-on performance tests. On the other hand, if you have a casual audience of users who are launching their first websites, you’ll probably want to focus on how easy Lenasi makes it to install WordPress and other CMS and get up and running.


9. Highlight Lenasi’s Real-Life Reviews 

When you’re promoting an offer, reviews and testimonials are one of the best strategies to convert potential customers. Your own Lenasi review is one data point, but showing other happy customers will add more weight to your recommendations. 

You can check some of our reviews from our TrustPilot page


10. Add a Lenasi Banner to Your Blog Sidebar 

If your site has a sidebar area, another easy way to promote your affiliate link is to add a banner to your sidebar. In the Lenasi affiliate dashboard, you’ll find a number of pre-made banners in different sizes together with their HTML Codes that you can easily implement on your site.


11. Add Lenasi “Powered By” Links and Badges to Your Footer

One of the simplest ways to drive traffic to Lenasi is to include a “Powered by Lenasi” link or badge in the footer of your site. While it’s in a relatively unobtrusive position, you’d be surprised by the number of people who will click through these links. 

Your regular readers return to your site because they respect your opinions and knowledge, so seeing that your own sites are powered by Lenasi will naturally attract their attention.


12. Go Multichannel

After mastery of one channel, you should consider diversifying your efforts into different platforms like Sending Emails, Twitter, Facebook, Groups, Linkedin, Business Associates, etc.

This will ensure you reach your audience in whatever social media platform they use.



Slapping your banner and affiliate link alone on social media won’t do it! You need to give your audience a reason to click through that link.

You need a persuasive ad copy alongside each post or image you share on Facebook or Twitter. For this reason, we decided to combine a helpful list of ad copy you can use.

The advantage of this is that it will save you time by either copy-pasting directly, or you can simply mix the ad copy together.

Just be keen to ensure that whatever sentences you mix actually make sense to your audience.

Note: When posting, replace “your link” with your unique affiliate link.

  1. Your company’s website is the cornerstone to your online presence. Get one today from your link

  2. Your small business doesn’t need to have a complex website, and you can create a basic website in just an afternoon. your link even supports small businesses with a free website builder!

  3. As many businesses are forced to close their physical stores, most brick-and-mortar stores are feeling the pain of limited foot traffic. How to respond: Get your small business online. Learn more your link

  4. We give you all the tools, platform and support to ensure your online business succeeds. Learn more today your link

  5. The Formula is really simple. Launch Your Website Today. Order Now your link

  6. Get Fast, Reliable and Managed Web Hosting in Kenya from your link

  7. We help you effortlessly build your brand by giving you the platform, tools & support that you need to create personal/business websites, emails & apps. Learn more your link

  8. Your business deserves a website, get one today from your link

  9. Focus on building great websites, not on web hosting complexities. Learn more your link

  10. Our managed hosting platform gives digital agencies and eCommerce businesses flexibility and choice in how websites are hosted. Backed by 24/7/365 support, you’re guaranteed peace of mind. Get started your link

  11. Host phenomenal websites on a managed platform built for digital agencies, developers, and e-commerce businesses, all backed by 24/7/365 support. Get started your link

  12. Our Cutting-Edge Managed Web Hosting platform coupled with an amazing support team guarantees you peace of mind when hosting your websites and emails us. Learn more your link

  13. We provide you with an unrivaled hosting experience, delivering 99.999% uptime & 24/7 access to the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting. Learn More your link

  14. Reliable, Highly Available, Secure, and Hassle-Free Hosting. Get started today your link

  15. No contracts. Transparent pricing. And an entire team dedicated to helping you migrate your data from your current host. Make the switch today  your link

Happy earnings!

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09 Jan 2020

How To Start An Online Business in Kenya – 2021 (Complete Guide)

There has never been a better time to start an online business in Kenya than now. 

It is a known fact that the Internet industry has come to stay and of course it is one industry that plays key roles not only in the business world, but also in almost all the aspect of what goes around in our world today.

As we move towards a more digital economy, we find that the Kenyan consumer is becoming more sophisticated, with Kenya leading the Africa Internet penetration with 67% of the population in Kenya classified as Internet users. (31.99m Internet users) versus 18% of the total African population defined as internet users.

Mobile subscription penetration is at 82% driven by a continuing favourable landscape of the smartphone industry and internet connection brought on by increased competition with current players and new players entering into the Kenyan market.

These statistics pose a great opportunity for any aspiring entrepreneur who has the required start – up capital and technical expertise to start his or her own Businesses sell online through e-commerce and M-commerce and also automate their selling.

Moreover, online businesses are cheaper to start since some expenses like physical offices or inventory are eliminated. Statistically, an online business done right stands a better chance of growing than a conventional business.

How To Start Your Online Business in Kenya

1. First Things First: Decide What Kind of Products/Services You Will Sell

What do people want (to pay for)? 

The very first step in finding a product to sell is market research. This is arguably the most important step in your journey to becoming an online entrepreneur. 

You need to know what people want. Specifically, you need to know what people are willing to pay for. Better yet, you need to know what A LOT of people are willing to spend money on.

What can happen if you ignore this step? You risk spending lots of time and money creating a product that nobody wants. Even with market research, this risk never goes away. But without market research, you are simply gambling with your money and time. Not smart. Begin your market research by picking a larger market then narrowing down your niche.

Narrowing down your niche in your chosen market will enable you to know whether you will focus on digital products e.g apps, softwares, downloads etc. or sell physical products through ecommerce.

This will also enable you to settle on your business and revenue model, payment methods, delivery channels to customers etc.

The Best Online Business Ideas You Should Steal

10 Trending Products To Sell Online

How To Find A Product Niche and Start Selling Online


2. The Necessary Evil: Register Your Business

Do I really need a business license to start an online business in Kenya?

Yes and No. This is a debatable question and it all boils down to the type of online activity you will engage yourself in.

However, if you are looking to grow your business in the long run, it is necessary to register your business name so as to prevent other people from using it. You will also have an added advantage of creating a reputable brand both online and offline. This will also come in handy when opening a business bank account.

If you intend to collect payments online via Lipa Na Mpesa, your business registration certificate will be required. Registering your business is very crucial since it will be regarded as legal and you can also obtain bank loans.

To some, the idea of running a business from their pajamas makes them feel entitled to be excluded from paying permits, taxes and statutory fees due to lack of a physical office. However, kindly note that this might attract penalties and liabilities in case the government catches up with you.


3. Almost There: Register Your Domain Name and Hosting.

Like an address that directs people to your physical shop, a domain name is an online address that directs visitors to your website or online store eg. www.myshop.com or www.jumia.co.ke . The website and all its files including email accounts are “housed” in a server space, also known as web-hosting.

Deciding on your business name and registering your domain name should be done in tandem. The last thing you want is to find out that one or the other (the domain you bought or the name you chose) is registered to some other business.

There are clear benefits to having a domain name that’s the same as your company or product name. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you when they search for you online.

Register your domain and hosting on Our cloud platform  that guarantees you 100% server uptime and LiteSpeed & SSD Caching that gives you 18x more speed on your website.

On top of that, we will give you a Free Lifetime SSL Certificate to secure your domain name, emails and websites. All these come with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and a 24/7/365 customer support.



Bring Your Business Online.

Lenasi is your fastest way to go from “idea” to a business website, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches. Our cloud platform let’s companies build, deliver, monitor and scale websites, emails, blogs and eCommerce stores. 


4. Getting Your Hands Dirty: Create Your Website or Online Store

A website is the anchor point of your online business because it will serve as a point of selling, marketing and dealing with your customers. This is why you need to invest in a high quality, mobile responsive and easy-to-use website.

There are two ways of approaching this: one is by hiring a web designer in case you require a complex design or features integrated into your online store. You may also not have the time or technical know-how so outsourcing this to a team is recommended.

 The second option is by using our free SitePro drag-and-drop website builder to create your website in 3 Minutes. We provide thousands of free templates you can use right away and customize them to suit your business.

The most important elements to consider when creating your online store or website are: Shopping cart to use, Payment Processor, Checkout Methods, Coupons, User Registration, Email marketing integration, Your Logo and Graphics etc.


5. The Final Lap: Market Your E-commerce Store/Website

The adage “If you build it, they will come” is definitely not the case with online businesses. It is impossible to under-estimate the value of marketing when it comes to introducing and maintaining a new online business in Kenya.

Now that you have listed your products and services on your website/blog or online store, it’s finally time to let the world know. Marketing and promotion are essential to the success of your online store. There are numerous ways to attract potential buyers and traffic depending on your budget.

  • Use search engines to drive targeted buyers to your store by using PPC Ads(Pay Per Click)
  • Establish an expert reputation for yourself by providing information, expert content and distributing it.
  • Use the power of email marketing to turn visitors into buyers by building an opt-in list.
  • Content marketing (blogging) may or may not be part of your initial marketing plan. The key here is to retain optionality.
  • Leverage Social media marketing
  • Write a proven sales copy on your website and on all your product pages


6. Conclusion: Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

You’ve just learned a step by step strategy for making money from home by starting your own online business in Kenya and earn passive income online!

Fortunately for you, this process is repeatable. And since you are earning passive income, you have the time, freedom (and money) to repeat this process! 

Simply start from the top and market research another product. The goal is to build your brand and billionaire empire by building your repertoire of products. Every product line you build is another line of business / passive income. Each income stream will accelerate your next venture because you now have more money and resources!

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23 Jan 2019

Is Your Website Really Working For You?

At Lenasi, we strongly believe when it comes to awards, your website should always be the #Employee of the year.

Just in case you wonder why we are strong advocates of businesses taking their operations online, here’s why:

Deloitte’s analysis in Connected Small Businesses found that digitally advanced small businesses:

  • Earned two times as much revenue per employee
  • Experienced revenue growth over the previous year that was nearly four times as high
  • Were almost three times as likely to be creating jobs over the previous year
  • Had an average employment growth rate that was more than six times as high

This applies to all industries, even industrial and manufacturing. Digital advancement starts with a website.

As human beings, we have a “quick to judge” nature. This pushes a lot of businesses and web developers to concentrate on the design aspect of their website while overlooking the conversion optimization side of it. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others.

Truth be said, good design works – but only if your business works.

There is so much to building a successful online business.  Things like understanding what potential customers really want, content marketing, paid advertisements, sales funnels, conversion optimization, search engine optimization, and so much more.

All of these take time and dedication to learn and to experiment with.

To assist you evaluate your website and performance, we have put together 4 resources that will guide you come up with a plan to make your website work for you 24/7.

1. Using SpellBrand Guide you can explore the various areas of your website to audit it for effectiveness.

2. Is your website working AGAINST you? You can tell with 2060Digital.

3. TheEdigital 5 Ways To Make Your Website Work For You

4. Hindsite Interactive takes a 7 questions approach

Your website isn’t just a source of information, it needs to convince, convert and make sure you’re cutting through the noise of your competition.

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24 Apr 2018

Google Has Issued the Official Warning—Encrypt by July 1 or Else.

If you’ve been following website security industry changes, you may know that the move by browsers to warn visitors of web pages served via HTTP as “Not Secure” has been in the works for a while. 

And, if you’re like most organizations, preparing for the inevitable has been dead last on your to-do list. Unfortunately, pretending there’s no fire doesn’t mean you won’t eventually get burned.

Implementation has been gradual and the end date has been moved out a few times but, according to the Feb. 8 announcement by Google, you’ll need to get an SSL certificate for all your webpages—not just the ones with login requirements or forms—by the time Chrome 68 launches. Starting July 2018, Chrome will universally alert visitors that land on any HTTP webpage. What began as a nudge from Google and Mozilla that only impacted pages with unencrypted password or text fields has become a no-exceptions requirement. We’re guessing this isn’t what you want your visitors to see.


HTTP served Internet users well for many years. Unfortunately, given today’s cybercrime-ridden web, it has one crucial flaw—it’s not secure. That means data in transit can be stolen or manipulated.

HTTPS is secure and shows visitors https:// in the browser bar indicating encryption is authenticating the server and protecting transmitted information. So, it’s easy to understand why web browsers are now requiring it as a basic standard.

Beyond encryption, HTTPS also helps you leverage the faster performance enabled by HTTP/2, gives you up to a 5% boost in search engine visibility, provides a more seamless user experience and unlocks popular mobile options.

Make Money At Your Own Pace

Looking for  a new income stream? Recommend the best web hosting service in Kenya to your friends and network. Create a passive income stream helping businesses get online.

How do I get HTTPS?

SSL Certificates enable HTTPS—so the sooner you install one on all your web pages, the better. But, remember, website security is about more than encrypting data. Ensuring who’s on the other end of the data transfer is equally, if not more, important so making sure you have the right level of identity validation matters. Choosing the right SSL certificate and provider can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Lenasi Cloud Hosting offers Free Lifetime SSL Certificates to all its clients. We personally issue and activate them on all your domains and subdomains in case you’re not a techy.

Not Our Client?

No problem, let us transfer your website over to our Bespoke Cloud Platform for free and on top of that issue and activate an SSL certificate to all your domains for free. Our team is standby to migrate all your files, websites, databases and emails with no downtime whatsoever. Contact Our Experts to  meet the July 1, 2018, deadline and boost your bottom line.

 The “small” print

⇔We will synchronize your hosting registration date to match that of your current provider-this means renewals will be due the same dates they would have been due on your host.

⇔Domain names will not be transferred since they attract transfer fees from the registrar-We will only migrate your hosting.

⇔Free migration applies only if you are using cPanel as your hosting Control Panel.

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